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Our competences


  • Motorola PowerPC 7410
  • Embedded PC Design („PC on a chip“)
  • Embedded Designs based on 16/32-bit Processors (Infinion / Motorola)
  • DSPs: TI TMS320C6000

Logic-Design using the following device families:

  • XILINX Virtex E/II Pro/4 und Spartan II/IIE/3
  • ALTERA Cyclone/Stratix II/Stratix III und MAX-II CPLD

Analogue Measuring Technology:

  • AD-Converters: 24 Bit / 100Hz to 10 Bit / 200MHz
  • High Precision Measurement Amplifiers (300nVAC)
  • Position measuring in the nanometer-range
Hardware Entwicklung in Ulm

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